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‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: What Does Mr. Scratch Have Planned for …

The focus returns to Mr. Scratch as he continues to terrorize the BAU in Criminal Minds‘ “Mirror Image,” and with Hotch and Jack in witness protection, another member of the BAU becomes his focus: Tara.

This episode also allows for the opportunity to get to know Dr. Lewis a bit more, as her family is right at the center of the investigation. Her brother is in town, but the two of them don’t have a warm, sibling relationship, and their father hopes that they can begin to patch things up over a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, when a man sits down across from Tara for that meeting, that’s when the trouble begins.

Criminal Minds Wrote out Hotch the Best Way It Could

Also, Prentiss is officially settling in as Unit Chief, but other than some first day jitters, she seems to be doing well; she’s even increased the budget so

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Criminal Minds’ Aisha Tyler: Mr. Scratch Will "Haunt the BAU for Quite a While"

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Wednesday’s episode of Criminal Minds. Read at your own risk.]

Wednesday’s Criminal Minds was a serious case of “oh, brother” for Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler).

Expecting to meet up with her estranged, wayward brother Gabriel, she instead meets a man (played by Alimi Ballard) who not only believes he is Gabriel but somehow knows everything about their family. Fake Gabriel is actually Desmond, who has dissociative identity disorder, and was brainwashed by Mr. Scratch (Bodhi Elfman) into thinking he’s Gabriel. Mr. Scratch had Real Gabriel (Terrence Terrell) tied up and recorded him screaming “Luke” on a video loop to taunt Tara.

No, he’s not calling out for Alvez (Adam Rodriguez). It’s all a reference to the Gospel of Luke, and Tara and Gabriel’s relationship, which, as we learn, became strained after their alcoholic/suicidal father ordered a teen Gabriel to stay home and care for him,

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Pittsburgh news anchor, fired over Facebook post, has good case, attorney says

PITTSBURGH – The lawsuit of a Pittsburgh news anchor fired over a Facebook post perceived as racist by some is an example of why employers need concrete social media policies in place, a Connecticut attorney says.

Former Pittsburgh news anchor Wendy Bell was fired after a post on her personal Facebook page referencing the murder of six people in a backyard shooting in Wilkinsburg. A federal wrongful termination lawsuit followed.

Robert C. Hinton, attorney with Pullman Comley, said employers should have clear guidelines governing the proper use of social media, especially when employees are encouraged to engage a target audience or customer base on behalf of the company, like Bell.

Hinton said Bell likely has a strong case against her employer.

“I cannot predict the outcome with any certainty, but I think she has a strong enough case to survive both a motion to dismiss and a motion

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‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ season 2 news, updates: ‘Buffy …

(Facebook/CriminalMindsBeyondBorders)Promotional image for “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”

The sophomore season of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” is gradually taking shape, and a female actress has recently been tapped to guest star in the hit CBS procedural drama.

In an Instagram post, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” alumna Charisma Carpenter shared a photo of her script for a “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” episode along with the announcement of her casting. “Excited to announce I will be guest starring on Criminal Minds Beyond Borders! Air date forth coming,” the caption reads. Unfortunately, Carpenter did not mention anything about her role or what the episode is about.

Carpenter, who is also known for her role in Freeform’s “The Lying Game,” joins the long list of talented guest stars joining the CBS spinoff’s second season slated to air next year. The stellar lineup of the drama’s burgeoning cast include Jim Beaver, Kim

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EXCLUSIVE: Aisha Tyler Talks Powerful ‘Criminal Minds’ Episode and the BAU Team’s New Look

Aisha Tyler is taking center stage on Criminal Minds.

On Wednesday’s episode, titled “Mirror Image,” Tyler’s character, Dr. Tara Lewis, is targeted by Mr. Scratch, one of the remaining serial killers at large that the BAU team has been chasing. He grabs her attention by kidnapping her brother and sending a man under his spell, Desmond Holt (Alimi Ballard), to play the part of Dr. Lewis’ missing sibling.

RELATED: ‘Criminal Minds’ Reveals What Happened to Thomas Gibson’s Character

The episode, directed by series star Joe Mantegna, is a slight departure from the usual procedural elements that make the CBS crime drama tick. As Tyler explains, exploring Dr. Lewis’ backstory, family history and why she has a vested interest in serial killers was a mandate the writers always intended to delve into.

“It was the extension of a conversation with [executive producers] Erica Messer and Breen Frazier when they first brought me

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Criminal Minds Season 12 Spoiler: The Ultimate Spinoff Has Started

Criminal Minds Season 12 Is Almost Here
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders New Season will be one for the books. The CBS TV series will parade multiple award winning actors as their guests but some of them might stay for good.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Actress Will Appear In One Episode

Charisma Lee Carpenter better known as Cordelia Chase in the massive TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer will participate in one of the episodes in Criminal Minds Season 12. Carpenter is already a veteran when it comes to acting and TV series is her bread and butter. She will be part of the episode titled “The Lying Game”. The ageless actress was so excited to be added as a guests in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. That is evident when she posted on her Instagram that the rumors are actually true.

More Notable Actors Added In Criminal Minds Season

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‘Criminal Minds’ On CBS Will Probably Be Renewed Even Without Thomas Gibson And Shemar Moore, What Other …

Criminal Minds, now without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, is losing viewers. Ratings are at their lowest point ever for the crime drama, which still features Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness.

CBS has other problems, though. Most of their shows are down in ratings, and they are not alone. Most networks are experiencing a decline. No one is sure why, though some are blaming the various other means of viewing their shows as well as delayed viewing. Could Hulu and Netflix be to blame? No one knows, but generally, TV viewership is down across the board.

Criminal Minds is not likely to be canceled at the end of Season 12, even without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, according to TV By The Numbers. The show’s ratings have been very good, until this season, and so many CBS shows are doing even worse, that it is highly probable Criminal

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Concord offering two new programs – Beckley Register

Concord University is now offering two new programs for students on the Athens campus — criminology and broadcast meteorology. 

l Criminology will be offered as an emphasis of study as part of a Sociology degree. The program will encourage students to think critically about crime and justice issues, and will prepare them for careers or graduate degree programs.

“Criminology is an area of specialization within the discipline of sociology offering complex insights into the existence of crime as a social problem,” said Dr. Tracy Luff, a sociology professor. 

Luff said students will learn the major theoretical perspectives and research methods used by criminologists.

In the program, they will tackle the following questions: Why does crime exist? How do societies decide upon which behaviors to label ‘criminal’? How do we explain criminal behavior? What is the relationship between social inequality and crime? What social policies can reduce crime? What forms of punishment are most effective?

“The sociology

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[WATCH] ‘Criminal Minds’ Sneak Peek: How Long Can Garcia Keep …

The case is going to be very, very personal for Dr. Tara Lewis in Criminal Minds‘ “Mirror Image,” an episode that brings back Peter Lewis (a.k.a. Mr. Scratch) and was directed by series star Joe Mantegna.

In this episode, the BAU opens an investigation when a man who fully believes he’s Tara’s brother arrives in town and knows everything about her and her family. As for her real brother, she can’t make contact with him.

Criminal Minds Wrote out Hotch the Best Way It Could

Watch the promo for “Mirror Image”:

Whoever the man who thinks he’s Tara’s brother is, “He’s good,” she says. Meanwhile, her real brother is in some serious trouble.

Check out a fun sneak peek as Garcia finds out what everyone knew and she didn’t:

As Garcia learns, everyone knows about Tara’s brother, Gabriel, including that if he’s in town, it is likely because he’s looking for money. And

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Cancel Bear vs. CBS, week 10: ‘Criminal Minds’ is down but won’t be out

CBS’ renew/cancel standings for week 10 of the 2016-17 season are bullish on a veteran show despite its lowest-ever ratings.

Here are the standings, and here’s an explanation of the Bear’s methodology.

Note: Averages and index numbers for “Elementary,” “Madam Secretary” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” are through Nov. 20. Final numbers for Nov. 27 were delayed by the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Criminal Minds” has hit series lows twice already this season. Yet the Bear is upgrading it to a likely renewal this week.

Why? CBS has other fires to put out, ones that don’t involve a veteran show that’s still pulling in ratings above the network average. “Pure Genius” is a Dead Show Walking, “Code Black” is struggling and third-year

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