‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: What Does Mr. Scratch Have Planned for …

The focus returns to Mr. Scratch as he continues to terrorize the BAU in Criminal Minds‘ “Mirror Image,” and with Hotch and Jack in witness protection, another member of the BAU becomes his focus: Tara.

This episode also allows for the opportunity to get to know Dr. Lewis a bit more, as her family is right at the center of the investigation. Her brother is in town, but the two of them don’t have a warm, sibling relationship, and their father hopes that they can begin to patch things up over a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, when a man sits down across from Tara for that meeting, that’s when the trouble begins.

Criminal Minds Wrote out Hotch the Best Way It Could

Also, Prentiss is officially settling in as Unit Chief, but other than some first day jitters, she seems to be doing well; she’s even increased the budget so

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