Pittsburgh news anchor, fired over Facebook post, has good case, attorney says

PITTSBURGH – The lawsuit of a Pittsburgh news anchor fired over a Facebook post perceived as racist by some is an example of why employers need concrete social media policies in place, a Connecticut attorney says.

Former Pittsburgh news anchor Wendy Bell was fired after a post on her personal Facebook page referencing the murder of six people in a backyard shooting in Wilkinsburg. A federal wrongful termination lawsuit followed.

Robert C. Hinton, attorney with Pullman Comley, said employers should have clear guidelines governing the proper use of social media, especially when employees are encouraged to engage a target audience or customer base on behalf of the company, like Bell.

Hinton said Bell likely has a strong case against her employer.

“I cannot predict the outcome with any certainty, but I think she has a strong enough case to survive both a motion to dismiss and a motion

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