Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Made the Right Choice in Promoting Prentiss to Unit Chief

Criminal Minds season 12 saw Hotch leave the BAU to go into witness protection to keep his son safe from Mr. Scratch. That left the team without a Unit Chief for a few episodes, as his cover was that he was on temporary assignment. But once the truth came out, so did the need for a new leader — and Hotch chose Prentiss to take over the job.

While Prentiss wasn’t sure if she was going to take the job — she had a life back in London — by the end of “Elliott’s Pond,” she decided to stay. “Thank God,” as JJ put it when she heard it. Here’s why this was good news.

Criminal Minds Wrote out Hotch the Best Way It Could 

Prentiss Has the Experience

In her time away from the BAU, she was Unit Chief at Interpol. She’s had the job before, and so there’s no reason

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