How Will Mr. Scratch Change Tara on ‘Criminal Minds’?

Mr. Scratch might have driven out Hotch out of the BAU, but he is far from done with the team. The latest Criminal Minds episode, “Mirror Image,” saw Scratch go after another member of the BAU, Tara. Thinking she was meeting with her estranged brother Gabriel, Tara instead met with a disturbed, confused and manipulated man named Desmond who Scratch made believe he was Tara’s brother, Gabriel. sat down with Aisha Tyler, who plays Dr. Tara Lewis, to talk about the events of the episode and what Mr. Scratch has in store for the BAU the rest of the season.

Criminal Minds Recap: What Does Mr. Scratch Have Planned for Tara’s Brother?

Though Tara’s family remained largely a mystery before “Mirror Image,” Tara’s relationship with her brother was something that Aisha Tyler had discussed with the Criminal Minds writers when creating the character. “It was actually a conversation I

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