DEBORAH ROSS: Murderously good… my drama of the year

Although it may be that any drama starring Tim Roth and Samantha Morton is already 98 per cent there, if not 99 per cent there, you still wouldn’t be able to pick fault with Rillington Place, which is wonderful on every single count.

I watched the first episode twice, just to be sure, and I am sure. Very. John Reginald Halliday Christie – known as ‘Reg’ – was one of Britain’s most prolific murderers.

He killed at least eight women over a decade and buried their bodies (within walls, under floorboards) at his Notting Hill flat, 10 Rillington Place.

Samantha Morton and Tim Roth in Rillington Place

Samantha Morton and Tim Roth in Rillington Place

Serial killers are now a staple of television (see Modus below) but this did not depend on titillating, exploitative violence.

A woman wasn’t stalked in

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