‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Spoilers: An Exciting Episode 8 Awaits, A New Character To Be Introduced & Someone Will …

Episode 8 of the “Criminal Minds” Season 12 entitled “Scarecrow” promises to feature another creepy case that will arouse the interest of the viewers. Yet aside from the case, it will also be a pity to miss the next episode of this CBS series as spoilers reveal the introduction of a new character to be played by Damon Gupton. Moreover, Thomas Gibson who already bid goodbye to the show may make a comeback.

As published in Christian Times, the upcoming episode 8 of “Criminal Minds” will feature a killer who hides behind a scarecrow-like mask while committing horrifying acts. The FBI profilers will then have a new case which is to investigate the cause of death of a group of people who were found along a creek in Yakima, Washington.

This will then mark the introduction of a new profiler from FBI’s Behavioral Analysis

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