Former Omahan updates book on John Joubert, says drawings show murderer would have killed again

LINCOLN — Former Omaha television journalist Mark Pettit has updated his book about John Joubert, adding sadistic drawings the convicted child killer made prior to his execution in 1996.

Pettit, who now operates a marketing firm in Atlanta, lost a case 16 months ago before the Nebraska Supreme Court to compel the release of the two drawings.

But in an interview last week the author said a source had provided copies of the drawings to him just before the ruling by the state’s high court.

“This person who came forward was courageous,” Pettit said. He described his source only as someone who “had ties to the correction system” and someone who was upset that the drawings weren’t being released.

The drawings, according to Pettit, are “literally the stone that was unturned in this story” and demonstrate that Joubert would have killed again if he had been released from prison.

They depict young boys, bound and

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