Kidnapped jogger Sherri Papini may be hiding kidnappers’ real identity claims criminal profiler John Kelly

A YOUNG mum who vanished during a morning jog and was found three weeks later could be hiding the real identity of her abductors out of fear, a serial killer profiling expert claims.

Sherri Papini, 34, was found beaten, shackled and emaciated at the side of a motorway 22 days after she went missing sparking a huge manhunt.


Sherri Papini was found beaten, branded and chained after her 22-day kidnapping ordeal – but is she hiding the truth about her abductors out of fear?

The young Californian mum – who had also been BRANDED by her sick captors – claims she was kidnapped by two Hispanic women armed with a handgun.

But serial killer expert John Kelly says he believes the mum is too petrified to reveal the truth about her abductors after she somehow convinced them to let her go – and

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