‘Criminal Minds’ Has Fallen From Its CBS Flagship Status: Is Thomas …

Criminal Minds has been one of CBS’s most profitable shows. Now with Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore leaving the show at virtually the same time and the hostile events surrounding Gibson’s departure, the flagship show’s ratings took a plunge, and things are not getting better.

Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds during the filming of the second episode, due to creative differences with Virgil Williams a co-executive producer and writer. News of this reached viewers before Season 12 aired. When added to the voluntary departure of Shemar Moore near the end of Season 11, it definitely spelled trouble for Season 12 of Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds with Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore saw stellar ratings in Season 10. There was an average of 14.32 million viewers for the season for the live plus seven days. That means within seven days of airing, 14.32 million people on average watched Criminal Minds each

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