‘Criminal Minds’ Falls, Thomas Gibson’s Exit Blamed

Thomas Gibson Fired From Criminal Minds After On-Set Altercation

Who should be blamed in the sudden decrease of Criminal Minds viewership ratings?
(Photo by Entertainment Tonight /Youtube)

‘Criminal Minds’ has been one of the most sought-after shows in CBS. For people who are thrill-seeking, the show has been a go-through for the past few years. But just this year, the show’s viewership rating seems to be declining for a much unknown reason. Should we blame this to the characters of the show?

‘Criminal Minds’ Sudden Decrease In Popularity, Who Should Creators Blame?

According to Inquisitr, the series has been part of the most revenue-earning shows in CBS. But it seems like all were reversed when sudden exit of lead characters were experienced in the show. Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, who fans believed contributed to the fame and success of ‘Criminal Minds’,

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