Christmas TV shows 2016: 6 Crime Shows To Binge Watch During The Holidays

 Christmas often conjures images of the Christmas tree, hand packed gifts, stockings, candies and eggnog. Seldom does it trigger pictures of crime scenes, murderers or bullet-proof vests. However, with all TV shows – even crime shows – going on a break for the holidays, Christmas is the best time to put on your thinking cap and binge watch the best procedurals on TV.

So, settle in with some eggnog and cake by the fire and catch up on these crime dramas:

1. Criminal Minds

The FBI’s profiling arm, called the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), catches murderers or unsubs by developing their physical and psychological profile. Season 12 just wrapped up its midseason finale.

Watch it for: If you want to know about the psychology of killers, “Criminal Minds” is definitely your cup of tea. Also, the CBS show is refreshingly devoid of any over-the-top romance between co-workers.

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