Norman Reedus Of ‘The Walking Dead’ And Thomas Gibson of …

Norman Reedus and Thomas Gibson have both represented the alpha male role on their respective shows, The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds. To viewers, both Hotch and Daryl represent protection and security, in frightening scenarios. Gibson and Reedus are widely perceived as keeping the rest of the characters safe.

Comparing The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds, the two both have long histories and wide audiences. Both are gore fests at times and both are meant to be scary. Lately, though certain members of both audiences feel shaken, and some have stopped watching the shows.

Criminal Minds’ ratings are down by nine percent on average, and some episodes by as much as 19 percent since firing Thomas Gibson. The Walking Dead ratings are down by 16 percent this season, according to Spotted Ratings. Some The Walking Dead fans are complaining about Norman Reedus’ character being abused. Still, The Walking Dead remains the

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