Thomas Gibson Fans’ #NoHotchNoWatch Boycott Of ‘Criminal Minds’: Nine Reasons Why The Protest Continues

When Thomas Gibson was terminated from Criminal Minds, some fans revolted. They took to twitter with and organized a protest under the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch. They signed petitions, and they wrote letters. Most importantly, they stopped watching and encouraged others to do so as well, apparently with some success.

What would make Criminal Minds fans rise up against their favorite show? #NoHotchNoWatch protesters previously loved Criminal Minds, but now, they are expressing powerful feelings of disappointment and frustration. Why? Here are some answers from #NoHotchNoWatch.

1. Thomas Gibson Fans Felt Gibson Was Treated Unfairly
Thomas Gibson and Criminal Minds fans who participate in #NoHotchNoWatch feel Thomas’ termination was unfair and senseless. They claim Thomas was a loyal employee of CBS and ABC who was bullied and did

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