Criminal Minds: A Big Surprise Is Coming in the New Year – Today’s …

The first half Season 12 of Criminal Minds has been eventful — to say the least — but there are even more shockers ahead.

Namely, one of your most beloved BAU members is about to do something very surprising, according to Damon Gupton, who plays newbie Stephen Walker. “There are some twists and turns. There are some things you wouldn’t expect from a particular team member,” he tells “Not me. Possibly somebody else.”

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When asked if this is related to the hunt for Mr. Scratch (Bodhi Elfman), Gupton would only tease: “It could be, could not be. I have to [dangle] the carrot in front of you.”

The most obvious carrot is Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), given all the drama surrounding his mom Diana (Jane Lynch), and the fact that we know Lynch is returning for a two-episode arc. Reid would do anything for his

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