Summer of terror, 10 years later

Matthew Macon: ‘I murdered them all’

On Aug. 9, 2007, Lansing police discovered the beaten body of 46-year-old Debra Renfors in her apartment in the 1000 block of North Washington Street. Renfors was the third woman to be bludgeoned to death in the city in two weeks, and a grim reality was beginning to set in. Det. Sgt. Joey Dionise confronted Captain Ray Hall, giving voice to a fear that had been bubbling for days.

“Captain,” Dionise said, ”We have a serial killer.

Years later, Hall still remembers the “sinking feeling” that accompanied that moment.

Ten years ago this month, Lansing was in the grip of a killer who preyed on single women, using whatever was convenient to murder them, and, in some instances, sexually assaulting them. Before police caught him, he had killed five women in just over four weeks. A

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