Does James Fitzgerald Still Work For The FBI? The Unabomber Profiler Has An Active Career

Discovery’s limited series Manhunt: Unabomber retraces the 17-year bombing spree that hung over America from 1978 to 1995 — a case cracked in large part by FBI profiler James Fitzgerald (played by Sam Worthington in the show). He’s gone on to lead an extensive career investigating some of the last century’s most notorious crimes: JonBenét Ramsey’s 1996 murder, the 2001 anthrax investigation, the Beltway sniper attacks of 2002. But now two decades later, many viewers may wonder if James Fitzgerald still works for the FBI.

According to his website, he officially retired from the bureau in 2007, but has continued to explore forensic linguistics in various professional capacities. He’s done analysis for his Virginia-based company, The Academy Group, consulted on TV shows like Criminal Minds and AE’s Killer Profiler, and chronicled his life across three books in his memoir series, A

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