Kerik: Arpaio Charges Were Pure Politics – Just Like Criticism of Pardon

The recent criticism of President Donald Trump from the left and the right – and especially from GOP members of Congress – over the pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona has exposed a dangerous problem within our government.

A sheriff in a state that borders Mexico, where tens of thousands illegally enter the U.S. every year, targeted these criminals in accordance with U.S. immigration laws.

Yet the federal government claimed he was racially profiling. His response was that he was targeting those he believed had entered the country illegally. A federal crime.

In reality, his actions were predictive and criminal profiling, but in today’s politically correct environment, it’s “racial profiling.”

Arpaio was targeted for prosecution by the same administration that was ignoring violations of U.S. immigration law, endorsing sanctuary cities/states, and doing

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