Tin Star Trailer and Release Date for Amazon’s Tim Roth Cop Series

Amazon is on quite the tear when it comes to nabbing exclusive domestic rights for a wide variety of peak television content for its streaming service Amazon Prime. Now, the upcoming small-town police drama Tin Star, headlined by Tim Roth, will be the latest to join the lineup, arriving exclusively in the U.S. on Amazon Prime and Sky Atlantic in the U.K. with a 10-episode inaugural season.

The Tin Star trailer has arrived, showing a cop series that seems to mix some levity-infused Twin Peaks “big city lawman in an eccentric small town” idiosyncrasies with a dark conspiracy centering on the activities of a local oil company.

Tin Star Season 1 Trailer

Tim Roth stars as Jim Worth, a British expat who serves as the police chief in a tranquil Canadian Rockies town called Little Big Bear; a radically new locale to which he brought his family in search of a better

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