Retired FBI agent to lead Johnson cold case probe

Adams met with members of the Ogletree family, including Johnson’s sister Becky Peterman, Aug. 18 to discuss his plans. Adams said he intended to bring in a retired investigator with no prior history working the murder to put fresh eyes on the vast but aging case file.

The investigation will be paid for with forfeiture funds generated by the DA’s office.

Last week, Adams swore in retired FBI agent Jalaine G. Ward of Macon to head up the Johnson cold case team. Ward retired after 27 years as an FBI special agent based in Macon. She is now associated with Gold Shield 1881, consulting on corporate security and investigations and corporate executive protection detailing. With the FBI, she had 24 years experience in crisis negotiations and behavioral analysis profiling. She worked at length as a crisis negotiator and coordinated the FBI’s Atlanta behavioral analysis unit.

Much profiling was done on the Johnson

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