UCC shooting investigation: Shooter describes himself as dejected, while witnesses paint scene of horror

Before the shooter at Umpqua Community College took the lives of eight of his fellow students and one of his teachers, he had typed a six-page manifesto depicting himself as a lonely, dejected 26-year-old similar to other mass shooters.

He rambled in his writing about being a virgin and having no friends. He glorified killing and glorified other killers. He included a lengthy racist rant about black men. He expressed satanic views.

He wrote that he had “no job, no life, no successes” to speak of. He wrote that his “success in Hell is assured.” He wrote that when he died, he’d become a demon.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released the document for the first time Friday as part of the agency’s investigation into the Oct. 1, 2015 massacre at Umpqua. Christopher Harper-Mercer opened fire inside a Snyder Hall classroom, killing nine people and wounding eight others before exchanging gunfire with

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