‘Criminal Minds’ A Disappointment? New Poll Showing #NoHotchNoWatch Could Be Right [Opinion]

Criminal Minds is currently being voted the biggest disappointment on television, at least when voters were asked to choose between 11 television shows. Nearly 2,500 people have voted so far, and the poll is still open.

#NoHotchNoWatch has been expressing their disappointment with Criminal Minds for over a year. #NoHotchNoWatch is a group protesting the dismissal of Thomas Gibson. A new User Submitted Poll or USP on Spoiler TV seems to indicate #NoHotchNoWatch may not be the only ones disappointed with Criminal Minds. USP asked a pretty simple question.

“Which TV shows became the most disappointing to you?”

The choices were:

Criminal Minds
Once Upon A Time
The Big Bang Theory
Agents of SHIELD
The 100
The Simpsons
Code Black

The dubious winner by a decent margin was Criminal Minds with 26 percent of the votes. Perhaps #NoHotchNoWatch has

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