Tortured, hacked in half and drained of blood: Horrific Black Dahlia murder mystery is finally ‘solved’ 70 years on

She was found tortured and cut in half, her face horrifically mutilated by the psychotic sadist who left her remains on a sidewalk for a mother and her child to find.

It was a murder obscene enough to shock even jaded Los Angeles to the core and the spectre of 22-year-old Elizabeth Short still lingers to this day.

She became known as ‘The Black Dahlia,’ a title alluding to the mystery of her death, her choice of clothes and her head of distinctive raven hair.

The killing, unsolved for seven decades, was used as a macabre morality tale for girls like Elizabeth who went to Hollywood in the 1950s to seek their fortune.

It is this narrative that author Piu Eatwell believed helped Elizabeth’s killer walk free after he was ordered to “get rid of’ her by a Hollywood businessman with links to both the criminal underworld and the LAPD – who she

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