Murderer Paul Dyson was betrayed by victim’s fingernails – Daily Mail

Two murderers who killed their partners in Valentine’s Day attacks tried to hide their crimes but were betrayed by their own body language, a sensational new documentary reveals.

The first is Paul Dyson who strangled girlfriend Joanne Nelson at their home in Hull, in 2005, before dumping her body 75 miles away. Days after reporting her missing, Dyson appeared in an emotional TV interview, appealing for help to find her. But fresh expert analysis reveals how it was all for show. Dyson was in fact ‘squeezing’ out tears – and exaggerating his sobs in an attempt to conceal his heinous crime.

The interview also gave detectives investigating the disappearance a key piece of evidence: the camera picked up crescent-shaped fingernail marks on Dyson’s hands that had been left by Joanne as she desperately fought for her life. 

The second case is of John Tanner, who murdered his Oxford

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