‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: Why the New Agent Won’t Ever Look at …

J.J. and Rossi go to the medical examiner’s office and find out that the new victim has defensive lacerations on her hands and feet. She also has lipstick all over her lips. She was only wearing lingerie when she was found and had spermicide on her fingers. They conclude she was preparing for consensual sex.

Reid and Prentiss go to the police station and Reid reveals the condition of his reinstatement. After every 100 days on the job, he has to take 30 days off. Prentiss already knew about this; she was consulted about her opinion prior to the board making their decision. She has arranged him to teach seminars during his 30 days off and insists she’s confident in Reid’s abilities.

Midnight Surprise

Luke comes in and reveals blood was found on the suitcase. It might belong to the unsub. A man with a bandaged hand is getting coffee

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