Why It Was the Right Move for ‘Criminal Minds’ to Add Matt Simmons …

Change is the norm for the BAU, especially in the more recent seasons of Criminal Minds, and season 13 saw the team gain a new member right after it lost one in Scratch’s finale cliffhanger trap. But fortunately, it looks like Matt Simmons is going to fit right in after the end of the IRT.

As Prentiss put it in “To a Better Place,” IRT’s loss is the BAU’s gain — and the move is a good one for Simmons as well.

Criminal Minds: Was the End of the Scratch Storyline Disappointing?

Simmons Was the BAU’s Fail-safe in the Scratch Investigation

The season premiere had to deal with the aftermath of the last season’s finale cliffhanger, and with Mr. Scratch responsible and very much in the picture, that had to be the focus of “Wheels Up.” And it was.

But at the same time, Matt Simmons had to be introduced as

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