Las Vegas and criminal minds

Las Vegas searches for answers and hints of explanations but so far has found none.  The absence of a narrative confines us in our grief.  We are stuck in our mourning, unable to process our grief in the natural way; with a story.

Human beings live through our stories.  We are pattern-seeking creatures who create stories, from individual lives and relationships, through national history, and even beyond, through myth.  Our stories make sense; our stories make meaning.  Without them all is chaos and wind.  

Even when we experience the natural losses of life – the death of an aged parent, for example – we cope with our pain through narrative.  We craft a eulogy, and perhaps an obituary.  We share stories about the past.  We talk to friends – repeating ourselves over and over again – about our parent’s final days or years.  Once there was a diagnosis…then some treatment …

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