Review: Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle & The Millionaires …

The Professor Layton series has been around for a decade now, and I’m surprised at how singularly unique it’s managed to be in all that time. I’ve enjoyed it since the initial entry back on DS, so when I heard that it was breaking out of its long latency in a brand new game starring the good professor’s daughter, I was immediately excited and intrigued: Did the conniving collection of conundrums have the same simple appeal following the space of a few years?

After playing through the adventures of Katrielle Layton and her cohorts, I was pleased to find that the same sense of puzzling fun had remained mostly intact — though this excursion was not without its share of hiccups. While far from the series’ strongest entry, Layton’s Mystery Journey had enough potent puzzles to keep me satisfied.

Puzzling plots

The game, as mentioned, stars Hershel Layton’s bubbly daughter Katrielle, as she

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