‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: What Kind of Killer Uses Old School …

'Criminal Minds' Recap: What Kind of Killer Uses Old School Microcassette Tapes?

Randa Kriss

It’s night, a car pulls up in a wooded area and stops. A hooded figure gets out of the car and breaks the chain to a creepy shed. Inside the shed, there is a bunch of torture equipment, cassette tapes, men’s ties, and more. The figure goes back out to the car, revealing a man tied up inside the trunk.

Cut to Matt Simmons waking up in bed. His wife gets ready for work nearby. She’s happy to share a bed with her husband after ten years of marriage; the two share an intimate moment. At the BAU office, Garcia, Luke, and Reid exit the elevator talking about ideas for Reid’s new seminar. Prentiss interrupts, the Detroit Police Department needs the BAU’s help.

Why It Was the Right Move

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