‘Take Cover’: How Hotel Worker Narrowly Escaped Vegas Gunman

A hotel maintenance worker says he barely escaped unscathed when Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock opened fire down a hallway — and credited a hotel security guard with saving his life.

“When the first shooting started, I was kind of frozen for a second,” worker Stephen Schuck said Wednesday on “TODAY.” “He yelled at me, ‘Take cover! Take cover!’ If he yelled a second too late, I would have been shot.”

Schuck said he came upon security guard Jesus Campos, who was unarmed and injured in his leg, as Paddock fired more than 200 bullets into the hall and nearby rooms at the beginning of his deadly rampage on Oct. 1. “I am incredibly blessed that somehow I came out of there alive,” Schuck added.

His dramatic account, and the release of audio of those initial shots, comes amid a dispute over the timeline of the events and questions as to how

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