Sexual desire, psychopath tendency behind suspected murder by …

Lee Young-hak, dubbed “Molar Daddy” and suspected of murdering his daughter’s 14-year-old friend, may have picked his victim to satisfy his sexual desire and killed her as she strongly resisted, police said Friday.

Lee, 35, admitted Tuesday to killing the girl at his home in eastern Seoul and disposing of the body on a mountain earlier this month. However, he has kept mum on why. His 14-year-old daughter also admitted to assisting her father in abandoning the body.

“Lee said he had committed the crime to relieve his sexual urges and picked his daughter’s friend, who had hung out at his house when his daughter was in elementary school,” said Gil Woo-geun, a police official from Jungnang Police Station, announcing the result of the investigation.

Criminal profiler Lee Joo-hyun said the suspect has psychopath tendencies, which might be linked to his childhood experience of

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