[WATCH] ‘Criminal Minds’ Sneak Peek: The UnSub Is Abducting Women Based on the Doomsday Clock

It’s a race against the clock for the BAU to find women in this Criminal Minds episode. Several women go missing in Virginia, and it’s up to the team to figure out what they have in common to find them in “The Bunker.”

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Watch the promo for “The Bunker”:

Check out a sneak peek of the team working the case:

Reid figures out that the timing of the abductions may be important to the UnSub. He’s counting down to 12 o’clock. He’s abducting women based on the Doomsday clock, a symbolic clock that warns the world how close we are to total destruction. Midnight on a clock represents a hypothetical global catastrophe, and the number of minutes to midnight stands for how soon that can happen. For the last five years, it has

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