Netflix show dives into criminals’ minds

David Fincher’s new show on Netflix, Mindhunter, is more than culturally competent, it is a socially agile period-piece that dives into the far-reaching innovations of sociological and psychological criminology.

The show centers around Holden Ford, an FBI agent who gets reassigned to the Behavioral Analysis Unit after a hostage negotiation gone awry, and the 10 episodes follow Holden and Bill Tench, two partners in the nascent BAU. Their initial assignment is something called “road school,” a fairly perfunctory and mundane gig where the two travel the country teaching local law enforcement the very basics of applying psychology to criminology. The goal is to insert some nuance into law enforcement, introducing cops to new ways of understanding criminals that depart from knee-jerk charges of “inherent insanity.” But this fairly ineffectual and slow-moving job becomes tedious for

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