Watch Tony Nominee Jonathan Groff and Stephen Colbert Sing From Mindhunter: The Musical!

Jonathan Groff’s new Netflix series Mindhunter has been making a lot of noise. The series comes from House of Cards creator David Fincher, who serves as director and showrunner of the new series about the birth of criminal profiling in the late ’70s.

“My character Holden is inspired by John Douglas, who had this idea in the late ’70s to go into these jail cells and interview these incarcerated criminals to see if they could glean information about their motivations and their thoughts and their feelings before, during, and after their murders to try and prevent it from happening,” Groff told host Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

After much talk about Groff’s comedic turn in Hamilton as compared to his new TV work with Mindhunter, Colbert asked if Groff ever considered melding his dramatic acting and musical theatre. (Theatre fans will note Groff was nominated for a Tony Award for

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