Netflix show depicts local murder

In early June 1979, Logan Township patrol officers Steven D. Jackson and Walter Coho were dispatched to Skyline Drive at the top of Wopsononock Mountain because a jogger thought he saw a body.

The officers met the man at the Buckhorn Inn, and he directed them to a makeshift dump where people would throw their trash and yard waste.

Jackson, then 29, remembers viewing the scene and in his initial shock exclaiming, “Are we really seeing what we are seeing?”

The officers had discovered a badly mutilated 22-year-old woman named Betty Jean Shade.

“The thing I thought when I saw her: If she was a sister or a member of your family, you wouldn’t recognize her,” said Jackson, who eventually served as Logan Township police chief and is now a magisterial district judge in Blair County.

Shade’s murder and her killer, who turned out to be her boyfriend, Charles F. Soult, 26, of Altoona, is

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