‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: How Does the Doomsday Clock Connect to a Series of Missing Women?

Two Unique Groups of Missing Women

J.J. talks to Joanna about her missing sister. Joanna believes the police didn’t want to look for her sister because she was a young drop out who was drinking and doing drugs. J.J., who knows what it’s like to lose a sister, agrees to look through Chrissy’s file. Simmons and Rossi head to the crime scene and find the flyer that was on Allie’s car. They theorize the unsub may have used the flyer as a rouse to grab her.

Irene and the doctor walk Allie around the facility. They want her to cook for everyone. She grabs a knife out of Dr. Childs pocket and threatens her. The doctor says Allie won’t get out that way, she knows. Allie passes out.

After doing some digging, Garcia finds that another supposed runaway went missing right after Chrissy. Dr. Childs, the first victim, went missing right

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