What criminal minds know about your neighborhoods

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

Three suspects are behind bars in Rankin county facing multiple charges of church burglary, house burglary, vehicle break-in’s, weapons trafficking and one count of conspiracy to commit residential burglary.

During our interview with Rankin County Undersheriff Raymond Duke, he reveals how some young criminal suspects think. The frightening part is the bad guys may know more about your neighborhoods than you ever imagined.

The target rich environments where people feel safe and fail to take extra precautions to protect their property and valuables.  

In the suspects’ confessions, they admitted looking for a “sweet hit’,  places easy to hit and unprotected. Duke said based on comments made by the accused, they were driving around the North shore of the Reservoir looking for an easy target so they could “hit a lick,” Duke told us.   

The victim

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