How Japan’s Black Widow baited and killed her prey

TOKYO – Less than two months after Mr Isao Kakehi, 75, donned a wedding kimono in 2013 for his second marriage, he collapsed and died.

His bereaved wife Chisako was inconsolable when police interviewed her. Given his age, the police were quite ready to close the case as a natural death until a sharp-eyed detective began to suspect Mrs Kakehi, 70: Could the grieving widow, who looked more like your neighbourhood granny, be a money-grabbing murderess instead?

Three years after her arrest in 2014, the unlikely femme fatale was sentenced to hang by a Kyoto court last week. She was found guilty on three murder charges and one count of attempted murder.

Kakehi – dubbed the Black Widow by Japanese media – killed her lovers with health capsules that had been laced with cyanide.

Her lawyers have appealed against the “unjust” sentence on the grounds of diminished responsibility as she has early-stage dementia, and

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