Stop promoting mass murderers: By giving killers the publicity they crave, the media is part of the gun violence problem

If we wanted to increase the number of mass shooters in the United States — bear with me here, there’s a point to this thought experiment — how could we do it?

Here’s a hint: we would need the media’s help.

To do this in other countries, the first step would be to increase firearms availability so potential attackers get what they need. That can be a major obstacle. A 2006 school shooter was delayed by 17 months because as he explained, “Damn it, I don’t know where you get decent weapons in Germany!” And many other countries have gun control laws that make it difficult for people to commit mass shootings. So similar crimes do occur, but they result in far fewer victims being killed. For example, kitchen knives and blunt instruments are the most common weapons used for mass murder in China, and there is only so much damage a

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