Crossfire: A retrospective of cinema from Kubrick to Kurosawa

The Crossfire feature of the IFFAM will showcase six master films selected by renowned filmmakers. The pictures will be shown on the big screen at The Cinematheque Passion, from December 8 to 12.


English actors Dennis Price and Sir Alec Guinness star in this 1949 black comedy. Price plays the lead role of Louis d’Ascoyne Mazzini, ninth in line to succeed a British dukedom. He systematically eliminates the eight members of the d’Ascoyne family – all played by Guinness – separating him from the title. Imprisoned for another crime he did not commit, he starts writing his own memoirs.

English director Robert Hamer worked on war documentaries during World War II, after which he helmed several movies until his death in 1963. Acclaimed actor Guinness was a former star of

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