Mindhunter season 2 plot: The Atlanta child murders

Warning: This article contains spoilers and speculation for Mindhunter season 2.

The first season of Netflix’s David Fincher-produced serial true-crime series Mindhunter challenged viewers to ask one resounding question: Are criminals born, or are they formed?

The ‘70s era series grapples with that question as FBI agent Ford Holden conducts the first criminal research of its kind on the minds of the most infamous serial killers, all while dealing with the bureaucratic concerns of the FBI, his increasingly rocky relationship, and his own insatiable ego. Without delving too deeply into the twisted timelines in season 1, let’s just say Ford discovered the hard way that there is no black and white answer. 

Lucky for fans of the series, Mindhunter will continue to enthrall in its exploration of the minds of criminals during its second season. Here’s everything we know about Mindhunter season 2 so far.

Mindhunter season 2 news

Although it wasn’t formally announced

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