TV Ratings Wednesday: ‘Empire,’ ‘Modern Family’ rise, ‘Criminal Minds’ ties series low

To the Masked Mailbox! NW wants to know:
“Most of your columns are on your involvement in pilot screening and initial scheduling, but what of your role in the evolution of a show? You were obviously in the loop on the initial rounds of the dreaded ‘notes from the network suits,’ but shows evolve after the premiere, too. Show elements are a product of negotiations between the creatives and the suits that never ends until the show does. Where would you have been in such mid-game drama behind the scenes? Do you have any stories of watching such drastic changes unfold in a show you initially bought and the headaches/relief it brought the network? I’d love for you to write about those.”
The scheduler usually becomes the consiglieri to the head of entertainment and thus has the ability to whisper in his

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