‘Mandatori’ – the local TV show that can rival Hollywood productions

A brooding criminal profiler is standing over a dead body at a crime scene. He plugs on his earphones and puts out his right hand over the deceased, a young woman lying peacefully on her bed with her hands neatly folded across her stomach.

He then closes his eyes and attempts to “speak” to the victim. Is he psychic or it’s simply his way of quieting his mind and focusing on the task at hand? Whatever it is, the unorthodox method seems to work, in just a matter of seconds, he has figured out who has murdered the woman.

His first clue is the fact that the woman was initially killed elsewhere in her bedroom and then positioned neatly on her bed, which suggests the murderer must’ve cared for her a great deal. Perhaps a loved one?

The brilliant profiler strings a series of other clues together and deduces it was the victim’s own

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