1st homicide in Lawrence County?

I find that I tend to gravitate toward the crime/detective-type genre when I have free time to watch television shows. I grew up watching Columbo, Matlock, Murder She Wrote, Father Dowling, Perry Mason. I can’t keep track of how many different versions of Law and Order, CSI, and other type of criminal profiling, crime scene investigation, and detective-solving-mystery-type programs continue to be created, so at any time, there seems to be plenty of options from which to choose. 

In the same way, headlines about these kinds of topics catch my eye, no matter the year they were written, and such was the case for today’s topic, found in the Aug. 13, 1908, edition of the Deadwood Pioneer-Times, which had reprinted an article from the July 15, 1876, edition of the Black Hills Pioneer. The headline reads, “Murder of John Hinch of Pioche, Nevada First Homicide in the Diggings.”

The article begins, “It

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