‘Criminal Minds’ Winter Premiere Recap: A Drought is Connected to Backyard Pool Murders

The BAU heads to Ramona, California to investigate a series of backyard pool homicides in this episode of Criminal Minds. But what do they make of the accompanying thefts, especially when the UnSub is taking costume jewelry, bowling trophies and cheap coins?

“Submerged” also features Lou Diamond Phillips guest starring as the local sheriff, and I have to admit, I did wonder if he’d get enough material playing local law enforcement rather than, say, the UnSub. Sheriff Clifford does have a couple nice moments with Rossi, which is more than I expected.

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Something’s Not Adding up with the UnSub

The first victim, an 82-year-old widower, Ben, was found at the bottom of his pool, tied to a cinder block, as was the second victim, the divorced Bert, six days later. The latest victims are newlyweds Larry and Wanda Robbins, and while he was

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