Hollywood’s Michael Wincott is Veni Vedi Vici’s secret weapon

Traditionally the tide of talent in television and movies flows directly to Hollywood. It’s not just Australia that’s used to seeing their best and brightest actors heading overseas for fame and fortune; many of Europe’s biggest names have headed over to Tinseltown for the chance to make it big. But television is now a global business, and increasingly American actors are turning up in European series – including Scandinavian drama Veni Vedi Vici.

When the latest film by Danish arthouse movie director Karsten (Thomas Bo Larsen) turns out to be a box office dud, his whole life is turned upside down. Faced with having to get a real job – or at least, a job that pays real money – he quickly takes up an offer from his somewhat sleazy film school friend Vincent (Rafael Edholm) to direct porn. And that’s where his real troubles begin.

That’s also where he meets Georgina

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