5 new mysteries provide thrills and chills on long winter nights

“Robicheaux,” by James Lee Burke. (Simon Schuster, 445 pages, $27.99.)

To read James Lee Burke’s latest novel is to see what poet John Milton described as “darkness visible.” This novel draws the reader into a world populated by those who seek “dominion over others,” where “enforcement of the law” is situational, where the air smells of cypress, pecans and insecticide, where the demons “misogyny, cruelty … and the collective indifference toward the fate of people who have neither power or voice” run rampant. Burke’s iconic detective, Robicheaux, is mourning the death of his wife, Molly, while investigating the possibility “he’s done something his conscious mind refuses to accept” — that is, he’s murdered a man for vengeance. Robicheaux tries to keep his faith and his sobriety but when a “silver spoon conman,” his narcissism and greed laid bare, rises to power, Robicheaux falls. To read this bleak,

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