‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: A Man’s Need to Protect His Family …

Crazy things can happen during full moons, as this episode of Criminal Minds shows, when the BAU heads to New York to investigate gruesome murders in Central Park. But figuring out what’s going on (because despite looking like wounds inflicted by a large animal, they can’t be looking for a furry UnSub) means uncovering a tragic moment from a family’s past.

“Bad Moon on the Rise” also sees Luke hit it off with a blind date, or so he thinks. However, there’s a bit of miscommunication when he tells her he doesn’t have kids but Garcia, upon finding him to alert him about a case, comments that he needs a sitter for his girl and Lisa thinks he was lying to her. Once he explains that Garcia meant for his dog, the two are on track for another date and that one seems to go well.

Criminal Minds Recap: Secrets

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