What Happened To The Real Andrew Cunanan? Darren Criss Plays The Man Who Shot Gianni Versace

Darren Criss stars in The Assassination of Gianni Versace as Andrew Cunanan, the man who shot and killed Versace in 1997. Promos for the show make it seem like there will be a lot of focus on Cunanan’s side of the story, and knowing what happened to the real Andrew Cunanan might reveal some answers about the show’s conclusion. Cunanan’s fate is part of what makes the story so frustrating, because his life ended before he could answer for what he did. He committed suicide shortly after killing Versace, which meant he could never explain himself or be held accountable/be officially convicted.

Cunanan was born and raised in California. The youngest of four, Cunanan was described as his father’s “pride and joy” by his brother Christopher in a 1997 interview with Diane Sawyer for ABC News. Cunanan was said

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