The truth about Manhunt: Unabomber: meet the FBI linguist who caught Ted Kaczynski

His insights into the hunt for Kaczynski are fascinating and will intrigue anyone whose interest in the Unabomber has been piqued by Manhunt. Also detailed in the new book is a surreal run-in, early in his FBI career, with a figure who, as with Fitzgerald himself, would go on to bigger things. 

Donald Trump’s security people contacted me,” he says. “They were getting some strange calls into private business lines at Trump Tower – hearing some invective and profanity.”

The suspicious communications, it turned out, were bleeding over from a recently installed mobile phone mast in New Jersey. But if the call failed to yield a juicy case, it did at least introduce Fitzgerald to the future Commander-in-Chief. 

“I met with their security person and lo and behold Trump walked into the office. He was very professional – offered to buy lunch for me. He was polite – not bellicose or over

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